Thank You, Charlie!

Thank You, Charlie!

Charlie LaDuca founded and created Pro Bats and the RSP branded baseball bat back in 2002. Recently Charlie has decided to retire from being a player, a coach, and an entrepreneur in the game of baseball.

His playing career extends over 6 decades where he has received many accolades. In 2021, Charlie finished his playing career by winning Three National Championships at the MSBL World Series in Phoenix, Arizona. Charlie has won a total of seven National Championships. In addition to his playing career, Charlie was also a very successful high school baseball coach in upstate New York where he had also won numerous league, divisional and state titles.

Most recently, Charlie has become a published author. His book, Baseball Is Life Is Baseball: Winning On and Off the Field is available on paperback through Amazon. This is a great read for coaches, players, and parents at any level of the game.

Charlie has been part of my "Baseball Family" for nearly 20 years. In fact I have referred to him as my "Baseball Uncle" on more than one occasion. We worked closely together on many occasions to help coach, evaluate and counsel high school baseball players looking to obtain their goal of becoming a collegiate and/or professional athlete. When I learned "Uncle" Charlie announced he was planning to retire from the bat business, I knew that it needed to continue.

Charlie - Thank you for the opportunity. We are excited to take ProBats into the next generation and plan to make you proud every step of the way.

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