Welcome to ProBats! We are excited to have partnered with the Berkshire Bears offering exclusive discounts to our pro premium quality maple wood bats.

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  • MLB Grade Maple Wood

    We have the highest of standards when it comes to our bats. Every bat is made from MLB Grade maple wood exclusively grown in Pennsylvania, and New York.

  • Ink Dot Certified

    All ProBats must pass the "Tangential Slope of Grain Requirement Test". The ink dot ensures the direction of the grain and measures for straightness.

  • USA Small Business Made

    We are a proud small business located in Connecticut where our bats are manufactured. Each bat is is made to order and quality is #1.

  • Green & Sustainable

    We plant a tree for every 100 bats we make. We also follow green initiatives during our drying process as well as try to partner with shippers with low to zero emissions whenever possible.

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