About Us

Since 2002, the RSP branded bat by ProBats is one of the first companies to offer high-quality custom made maple baseball and softball bats for players at all levels of the game.  We were founded on a player-first mentality.  Our bats are designed to the specifications of the individual player, and must pass through rigorous testing before ever being delivered. 

Being a USA Small Business, we pay attention to details. We start with using only MLB Grade Maple that is grown exclusively in Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania. Each billet of wood is then double and triple checked for defects, weight distribution, and overall health of the wood.  Each bat is then made to the specification of the player.  At this point each bat then put through the Tangential Slop of Grain Requirement Test AKA the "Ink Dot Test" to ensure its quality.  We then finish the bat with high quality paints and stains, and include customizable engraving.

All of our bats are custom made to order.  Please note that manufacturing lead time is approximately 7-10 days until the bat is ready to ship certain parts of the year can take up to 3 weeks..  We do not stock bats in order to keep the quality and integrity of the wood as fresh as possible, and we do not cut corners.  When you purchase a ProBat it will be made as if it was going into the hands of a Major Leaguer.

We love to customize bats for baseball players, softball players, coaches, instructors, teams, leagues, indoor baseball facilities, schools and more!  

Brand Ambassadors are always welcome.  If you want to become a Brand Ambassador please email us for more details.

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