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Upcycle Used Bats Into a Bottle Opener

Do you have an old bat that you loved but it broke? Perhaps you hung up your spikes and are not sure what to do with your old bat anymore.  Keep it with you forever by turning it into a bottle opener!

Create a gift that will preserve a lifetime of memories. This is the perfect gift for ballplayers, and parents. 

 The process is simple:

  1. Select a bat you want to turn into a bottle opener. 
  2. Choose up to 2 lines of engraving (30 characters per line).
  3. After your order is placed, we will send you a box and a shipping label to send us your old bat.
  4. Once received, we will customize and transform your bat into a bottle opener.
  5. We will then send out the bottle opener and the remainder of the bat to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you make these even if it is not a ProBat brand?

Yes!  No matter the brand of bat, we can make this for you!

Does the bat have to be fully intact or can it be a broken?

Both are fine!  As long as the break in the bat is at least 6 inches above the bat knob.

 How do I ship the bat to you?

A. We will send you a box and a UPS Ground shipping label to send the bat to us.  

What if there is a bat grip or pine tar on the handle?

We ask that you do your best to clean up the handle before sending it.  We will also do our best to prep the bat for customizations but cannot guarantee the actual outcome if there is any sort of adhesive remaining.  Once we have completed the customizations we will apply a permanent finish.

What is the expected turnaround time?

Because we are a full service bat manufacturer, we will enter the bat into our workflow.  Typically we will complete all work within 5-7 days. However the process also relies on you sending us the item as quickly as possible.   We do not start entering the item into the workflow until we receive it.

If I select expedited shipping, will I get this back quicker?

Expedited Shipping is only for when the order is complete.  At that point we will ship it out to you with whatever shipping method you choose. What helps expedite the process is for you to send us the bat as quickly as possible.